JakArt School of Art Teacher’s Development Program

On 26-27 September 2015, JakArt School of Arts held Teacher’s Development Program, a training program for teachers which lasted for 2 days at Via Renata, Puncak.

The workshop program consists of two sessions with the main theme “What Makes a Good Teacher?” and “Fun Learning Method”. The objective of this workshop is to develop the capacity of teachers in creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere in the classroom. We believe that art education has many benefits for the learners, both with a learning goal towards the professional stage or just for honing one’s talents and hobbies / interests. Therefore, the learning process should be made as comfortable and enjoyable as possible so that students enjoy being in the class.

At this event, the teachers also mutually inspire each other by sharing stories about the experiences they had in becoming an art teacher for many years. In addition to the training program, the 2-day event is also interspersed with a wide range of exciting games and events that build a feeling of togetherness among teachers, staff and management of JakArt School of Arts .

This teacher development program is a form of commitment of all elements of the JakArt School of Arts – teachers, staff and management – to always provide the best art education to the greater community.

We believe that the teacher has primarily role in the provision of a good art education. Therefore, we would like to express our greatest appreciation to art teachers everywhere who have spread the love studying art in society with so much love and dedication.

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