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“Appreciation and development of classical music in Indonesia”

In the beginning, JakArt School of Arts was known as Jakarta International Music School (JIMS), which was established in 1992. JIMS is engaged in the appreciation and development of classical music in Indonesia. To achieve this goal, JIMS provided teachers with a strong educational background who are Indonesian music artists who receive education abroad. The school uses ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) international curriculum.

In 2008, in collaboration with JakArt foundation, JIMS extended its coverage beyond classical music education, reaching other arts field such as theater, dance, photography, and fine arts.

As a result of this collaboration, JIMS is now known by the name of JakArt School of Art.

“Support the arts, support humanity”

On December 1, 1999 the JakArt foundation was born as an art institution with an original mission to embrace human beings who care about the building of a human civilization through art. At its essence, JakArt is a homage to:

1) Creativity and the human intellect,

2) The ability to express the reality of life and the world in which we live, and

3) The capacity to understand and appreciate the thoughts and feelings of other people.

JakArt believes that if these capacities are fully developed in individuals and groups, then peace would have a much greater chance to happen in this world.

For more than a decade, JakArt has hosted:

– over 1000 events, from world-class performances & exhibitions to public art & spontaneous expression

– in  over 300 venues and locations in and around Jakarta, ranging from the conventional to the alternative

– in collaboration with over 200 government and NGO organizations & associations, foreign embassies, etc.,

– involving over 1000 enthusiastic volunteers, from all walks of life, including many artists

JakArt has attracted positive and critical attention and the interest and support of many associations and organizations including:

– City/Provincial Government of Jakarta

– The Indonesian Ministries of Culture and Tourism, Foreign Affairs, and Education

– International and local media

– The endorsement of UNESCO

– And an invitation to become a founding member of the Confederation of Asia Pacific Arts Festivals (including the Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Tasmania, Brisbane, New Zealand, Taiwan, Macao, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore Festivals)

– Listed as founding member of AAPAF (Association of Asian Performing Arts Festivals)

“Fun and Inspiring”

As a result of the collaboration between JIMS and JakArt, JakArt School of Arts was born, an extracurricular school that provides courses on various fields of the arts under one roof.