JakArt School of Arts

is an extra-curricular school that provides additional and complementary education in various fields of the arts “under one roof”.


Our vision

is to act as a center for arts and culture and as an organization that supports arts and culture in general.


Our mission

– Encourage the students to understand themselves as cultural beings
– Enable them to make a strong influence in shaping and creating themselves and the environment
– As an art education institute that is not materialistic or commercial
– Have characteristic as a “traveling” school, collaborating and exchanging human resources and knowledge in various areas in Indonesia and eventually internationally.


Our goal

– To allow children and adults to discover, express and develop their creative potential
– Providing a broader art experience than offered by other institutions
– Opening the horizons of the students to other cultures
– Deepening the understanding of students about their own culture
– Using technology, both traditional and modern creatively
– Initiating the process of self-discovery in the field of arts and creativity