Music Department Student Graded Exam

9 - 20 Februari 2016

Music Department Student Graded Exam will be held in February 2016 and is divided into two, namely the Theory and Practice Exams.

Theory Exam Date: February 9-13, 2016

Theory examination is carried out 1 week before practice exam is held. It is held on the student’s theory class schedule. No follow-up theory exam will be available, so students are encouraged to follow the theory test at the predetermined time.

Practice Exam Date: February 20, 2016 (Piano) and February 21, 2016 (String, Guitar and Vocal)


Piano (Preparation and Basic Level)

1. Kanya Damayanti

2. Linda Suharso

3. Lyza Aulia

Piano (Intermediate and Advanced Level)

1. Pudjiwati Insia M. Effendi

2. Linda Suharso

3. Hazim Suhadi

– Sight Reading & Aural Test: Linda Suharso


String and Guitar

1. Hery Sunarta

2. Angga Pratala

3. Rico Somala


1. Anastasia Tyas

2. Devie Liana

3. Nazila Izzet

– Piano Accompaniment: Linda Suharso