Surat dari Akiko (Murid Piano asal Jepang) untuk Sekolah Seni JakArt2

Concert CD and Letter from Japanese Student, Akiko Inoue

Saturday, January 16, 2016

We are happy to receive a letter and Concert CD from Akiko, our foreign school student (from Japan) who studied with us in 2014-2015. At JakArt School of Arts, Akiko attended a special course to learn the repertoire of Indonesian Classical Music by composers such as Amir Pasaribu, Pranajaya, and others with Linda Suharso, our piano teacher. As a result, when she returned to Japan, Akiko took part in a concert performing songs made by Indonesia composers.

In addition, during her time at JakArt School of Arts, Akiko also attended gamelan classes so she could learn about traditional Indonesian culture and bring the experience back to her country.

Here is the letter from Akiko:

“Dear everyone,

It has been a long time. Is everyone well?

The days with you were really fun.

There are lots of fun things and also

beautiful memories.

I look forward to the day when we can meet again.

This CD is my performance at the concert

held in March. I’m practicing new Indonesian

music for the next concert. I hope to come

to Indonesia to meet you again! “*

– Akiko

* Letter published with permission from the author