In JakArt School of Arts we provide lessons in classical guitar genre. We proudly present to you our guitar teachers:

Rico Somala

Rico Somala

We call him Kak Rico. He was born in Jakarta on March 30. He learned guitar for the first time with his uncle when he was in junior high school. Then he began to study classical guitar “Max and Jenny” under the guidance of LEP in 1997, previously “Vidi Vici” under the guidance of Didi Setiohadi in 1996 and in Yamaha Music under the guidance of Arthur Sahelangi in 1994.

He successfully finished his study at the Faculty of Performing Arts, Music Department at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta (ISI),, with a major in Music Performance under the guidance of Andre Irawan. Since 2014, he teaches in Al-Hanief Elementary School as a Music Teacher. At present, he teaches guitar at the JakArt School.

Kak Rico’s vision and mission in teaching guitar is to share knowledge, introduce classical guitar to students and foster a sense of love towards music.



Abdi Supriono

Abdi Supriono is called Kak Abdi. He  was born in Jakarta on December 2. He took music courses for the first time in Bina Musika Pariaman (BMP) at the age of 12 years, with major classical guitar as the instrument under the guidance of Mr. Almaskura.

After graduating high school, in 2005, Kak Abdi studied at the Indonesian Music Institute, Yogyakarta (ISI) to take pre-ISI program for 1 year under the guidance of Mr. B. Koapaha Royke. In 2006, Kak Abdi studied music formally and was registered as a student at the Art Institute of Indonesia – Yogyakarta for Faculty of Performing Arts, Department of Music with main interest in music performances under the guidance of Mr. B. Koapaha Royke. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree Kak Abdi became a guitar teacher at JakArt School of Arts.

Kak Abdi’s vision and mission  in teaching guitar is to share knowledge to students, especially in music. From students we can also learn back because they all have unique and different characteristics and we as teachers are also required to develop ourselves further. In teaching we can gain new experiences we do not previously get. “Music is not to be enjoyed alone, it would be worth more if we can share it.”