Clarinet & Saxophone

JakArt School of Art opens clarinet & saxophone lessons. We proudly present to you our clarinet & saxophone teacher:

Jhonneysep Singarimbun

We used to call him Mas Osep. He was born in Ponorogo, East Java, on September 5, 1988. He went a formal education in music for 7 years at the Faculty of Performing Arts, Department of Music Indonesian Insitute of Arts, Yogyakarta with a major in clarinet instrument. Besides clarinet, Mas Osep has also mastered bass clarinet and saxophone. As a form of dedication to the brass instrument, he also attended Clarinet Masterclass with Arno Van Houtert in Yogyakarta, 2009.

His teaching experience for over more than 5 years started Kilang Music, Yogyakarta in 2009 – 2013 as Clarinet and Saxophone Teacher. He also joined several music groups with band format such as Shaggy Dog Band, ArsDeBee Big Band, Tohpati Big Band, Teeth Big Band. In addition to the band format, Mas Osep is also active as a clarinet player in various orchestras in Indonesia, such as Nusantara Symphony Orchestra, Twilite Orchestra, Erwin Gutawa Orchestra, Jakarta Concert Orchestra, Jakarta Symphony Orchestra, Dwiki Dharmawan World Peace Orchestra, Singgih Sanjaya Orchestra, Purwacaraka Orchestra, Parahyangan Symphony Orchestra, and others.