JakArt School of Art opens music lessons in classical piano genre. We proudly present to you our piano teachers:

Insia Pujiwati M. Effendi (Senior Teacher)

We call her Ibu Insia. She is one of the founders of the JakArt School. Her international exposure in music began by studying piano at 5 years old with teachers from Netherlands. At the age of 21, her parents sent her to the conservatory in Geneva, Switzerland, where she won the 2nd virtuosity prize at her graduation. In 1960, she was invited to the United States to hold a Piano Recital and Javanese dance performance. For over a period of 30 years, she held recitals and studied piano in many foreign countries. In 1993 she held a recital in Perth Australia and in the same year with her friends she founded the International Music Foundation (YMI), which we now know as the Jakart School.

Ibu Insia’s vision and mission in teaching piano is to share knowledge and teach the students about musical technique, expression and interpretation so that they can feel and know how to practice independently. It’s also so they can compose melodies like a composer.


Lyza Aulia

We call her Miss Lisa. She was born in Jakarta on February 19, a graduate from Brawijaya University, Malang majoring in Architecture. She graduated in 1990. She took pianoeEducation at Jakarta Music Foundation (Grade 5 & 6), Wisma Music Galaxy (Grade 7) and the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music – London (Grade 5 & 8). She also has attended vocal courses in Bina Vokalia (Bina 6).

Miss Lisa has actively participated in international seminars, workshops and masterclasses held by Petrof Music School, Vienna Music School and the International Music Foundation (YMI), which is now called the JakArt School.

Miss Lisa’s teaching experience started in 1990, when she became a private piano teacher and choir music coach in Malang and Jakarta (until now). In 2005 – 2009 she was a music teacher at Triguna Elementary School Jakarta. She also taught piano at the Petrof Music School (2005-2010) and Indonesia Piano Art (2009-2010). Now, Miss Lisa actively teaches piano at the JakArt School (she joined in 2009).

Miss Lisa’s vision and mission in teaching piano is to make music a media to share knowledge and to make it a part of one’s life that can be used as a common language of communication and creativity.


Linda Suharso

We call her Ibu Linda. She was born in Bern, Switzerland on December 30. She was taught by international piano teachers from Tokyo, Bangkok and Cairo. Graduated from the Conservatoire de la Musique et D’Art Dramotque Bourg La Reine- Beaux, France (1978). She participated in the Concours Internatonaux of UFAM (Union Des Femmer Artses Musiciennes) in Paris, where she won the Premiers Accessed. Her career at the renowned Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ) began in 1979 where she became Lecturer of Music Theory, Solfeggio, Reading and Piano Score Major. In 1990 – 1995, she was trusted to be Secretary of Study Program of the Department of Music and from 1995 to 2003 promoted to be its Head. Ibu Linda has office as Principal of Marcia Music Centre from 1985 to 1999. She taught music theory in Gita Svara Music School in 2005 – 2013. Since 2003 until today Ibu Linda teaches piano at JakArt School.

Ibu Linda’s vision and mission in teaching piano is to teach musical knowledge and skills to Jakart School students as much as possible.


Debby Surapati

We call her Miss Debby. She was born in Pontianak on March 29. A graduate of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences and Anthropology, University of Indonesia, 2002, Miss Debby began studying piano since 5 years old, in Yamaha children’s music course. In 2000, Miss Debby studied piano with R. Iswargia Sudarno at the International Music Foundation (YMI), which is now called the Jakart School. She successfully passed Grade 8 at AMEB Piano Exam Practice in Jakarta in 2001.

Since she was child, Miss Debby has actively participated in several master classes and training by renowned musical institutions.

In 1993, Miss Debby won the 2nd Prize for Solo Percussion in Grand Prix Marching Band at Hall Basket Senayan, Jakarta. Her teaching experience has been 20 years, teaching both percussion and piano. Besides teaching private piano lessons and teaching at the Jakart School she also actively performs in hotels.

Miss Debby’s vision and mission in teaching music is to teach piano in a fun way.


Kanya Damayanti

We call her Ibu Kanya or Ibu KD. She was born in Bandung on June 6. She has a Bachelor Degree in Communication from the Institute of Social and Political Sciences (ISIP) in 1987. She studied piano for the first time in private when she was 8 years old in Moscow, Russia for 5 years under the guidance of Professor Edmund Euhim, after which she went back to Indonesia and continued her study with Jeanne Juwono and Rudy Laban at YPM Music School. She graduated from YPM Music School in 1986 and became a piano teacher there for 30 years. Since 2002, Ibu Kanya has joined the International Music Foundation (YMI), which is now called the JakArt School as a piano teacher.

Ibu Kanya’s vision and mission in teaching piano is to make the students love and become familiar with music from an early age and make them happy.


Hazim Suhadi

We call him Kak Hazim. He was born in Bandung on November 28. He graduated from UW – Madison, Wisconsin in Music Performance Department in 2013. He has participated in MTNA Conference organized by the MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) in New York, USA in 2012. His achievement in music is shown through winning the “Concerto Competition “at Lawrence University in 2011 and” Beethoven Piano Competition “at UW – Wisconsin in 2013.

When he lived abroad, Kak Hazim taught usic Theory at the Lawrence University, Wisconsin from 2007 to 2011 and he also taught Piano Group in UW – Madison, Wisconsin from 2011 to 2013. In 2013 he went back to Indonesia, and taught Music Theory in Jakarta Conservatory of Music until today. Kak Hazim joined the JakArt School since 2014 as a Piano Teacher.

Kak Hazim’s vision and mission in teaching piano is very simple but meaningful: he wants to make people happy in listening music.