JakArt School of Art opens cello lessons. We proudly present to you our cello teachers:

Asep Hidayat(s)

Asep Hidayat

We call him Pak Asep. Born in Bandung on October 4, Pak Asep studied cello for the first time in Yogyakarta Musical High School from 1982 to 1986 and continued at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta (ISI) from 1986 to 1991 . Besides learning and attending masterclasses with international teachers,

he has been active in giving recitals and concerts for both solo cello and chamber music in Indonesia and abroad with repertoire from Renaissance to Contemporary. His notable achievements include winning the Best Performer in Chamber Music Competition in Osaka, Japan in 2001 and in 2002 obtained his Master Degree in the field of Performance in Osaka Kyoiku. He also performed spectacularly with 1000 cellist from around the world in Kobe and he has also been appointed as a judge of the International Chamber Music Competition in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2013.

Since 1993, Pak Asep has become a Lecturer at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta (ISI) teaching Cello Lesson, Music Story and Chamber Music. Since 2006, Pak Asep is a senior teacher at the JakArt School.

Pak Asep’s vision and mission in teaching cello:

In basic level: introducing cello as a character building instrument for students and stimulate their cognition, affection and motor skills through music.

In intermediate level: introducing a variety of cello repertoires by playing along with piano and other instruments (music ensemble).

In upper levels: when students already chose music as a profession, prepare them to become professional musicians with international quality.



Dwipa Hanggana Pratala 

We call him Kak Angga. He was born in Yogyakarta on June 23. He graduated from the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta (ISI) with a major in music in 2011. He has

actively participated in several master classes and workshops, such as: “Music Tour Experience” organized by the Japan Foundation in Japan in 2006; “Master class with Rebecca Geliver” organized by the NSO, Jakarta in 2009; “Social Concert together with Midori String Quartet” in Yogyakarta in 2007; “Anton Islhart joint Workshop” organized by Tembi in Yogyakarta in 2010. He teaches cello at the JakArt School since 2013.

Kak Angga’s vision and mission in teaching cello is to provide knowledge about the cello instrument, share his music experience to the students and instill awareness that music is enjoyable.