Visual Art





1 month, 8 x sessions, 4 x classes, once a week with duration per session 2-3 hours


Class Type

Group workshop 10 people


Short Description

This workshop introduces sculpture as a communication medium for participants in pouring their ideas, thoughts, feelings, concepts, stories and expressions.


Class Purpose

Developing one’s imagination and creativity through sculpture.


Learning Outcome (LO)

Able to produce an art piece in the form of sculpture with personal value and good artistic standard. The art piece will be presented at an exhibition organized by JakArt School of Arts.



All workshop materials such as clay and mould provided by school.


Schedule and Price

See our Visual Art workshop schedule and attractive price package here.


Teacher: Taufan Adipriyono


Taufan Adipriyono, or commonly known as Taufan AP was born in Pasuruan, East Java on March 5, 1974. He graduated from the Faculty of Art and Design, Indonesia Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta. He also studied Interior Design with Fornandez Barzall, an artist from Canada.

Since he was 20 years old he has been actively doing exhibitions in various big cities in Indonesia such as Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Jakarta and his works have also made their ways into the international arena, such as in “Contemporary Art Indonesia”, an exhibition organized by the Indonesian Embassy in Rome, Italy, in 2010, and “Contemporary Indonesian Sculptors”, by Chianti Sculpture Park Gallery in Pievasciata, Italy, 2008.

He works with a range of materials including fiber glass, copper, aluminium, and clay. Currently he is active in Somalaing Art Studio with Dolorosa Sinaga, an award-winning Indonesian sculptor.



Founder of Somalaing Art Studio: Dolorosa Sinaga


Dolorosa Sinaga was born in Sibolga, North Sumatra, in October 31, 1953. Her goal in the beginning was not to become a sculptor since become a sculptor requires much struggle and hard work. However, since following her Arts education in Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ), Dolorosa began to pay attention to sculpture as a form of art. To deepen her knowledge, Dolorosa then continued her education at St. Martin’s School of Art in London, England. Then she continued her study in Karnarija Lubliyana, Yugoslavia and Piero’s Art Foundry in Berkeley, United States.

The material she used to create her artwork Dolorosa is now bronze. The reason is that the bronze has a quality that can amaze and has a shiny surface. In the bronze shades of the character of a woman saved. On the other side, bronze has the strength and resilience as a male character. Therefore, it can be concluded that in the character of bronze there are two opposing characters, but can not be separated from one another, as in life.

Several of Dolorosa’s works of sculpture are now scattered in various countries, such as the Gate of Harmony in Kuala lumpur, Malaysia and “the Crisis” which she created in 1998 is located in the city of Hue, Vietnam. This work was done when she got the confidence to represent Indonesia in the Asean Squan Sculpture Symposium in 1987.

Another one of her famous artwork is the ’66 Spirit Monument that stands in the Kuningan area, Rasuna Said street, South Jakarta. From her continuous activity as a sculpture artist Indonesia, Dolorosa has given considerable contribution to the art form’s existence. The struggle was not in vain, because as a woman sculptor she received the Adhikarya Citra Budaya award. [Original profile can be seen here.]