Theater and Acting





12 months, 50 x meetings, once a week with 90 minutes duration per class


Class Type

Group 4 – 25 people

Small Class         : 4 – 11 years old (Kindergarten and Elementary)

Public Class        : 12 – 99 years old (Junior High School, High School, College and Adults)


Short Description

This class introduces Theater and the Art of Acting through various methods and training of the body, voice and emotions


Class Purpose

  • To develop one’s talents and build character through 4 human qualities, Intellectual (IQ), Emotional (EQ), Spiritual (SQ), and skills to become an expressive personality
  • To improve communication skills
  • To develop self-confidence


Learning Outcome (LO)

Able to:

  • Perform confidently on stage
  • Work in the entertainment world including big screen movies, television, advertising, becoming an MC, newscaster, and other functions in which the skills of acting are required



Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes to facilitate movement.


Schedule and Pricing

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Teacher: Adri Prasetyo


We call him Kak Adri. Born in Yogyakarta in the 3rd of August, Kak Adri has been actively teaching theater for 17 years since 1998 for children, students, adults from all walks of life in Jakarta. His broad artistic vision has enabled him to successfully combine 7 art fields, Theater, Choir, Dance (Krida Kirana), Saman, Band, Angklung, and Rampak Kedang into one collaborative performance at Depok 1 Highschool.

His other achievement include winning a Nomination for Best Individual Writing, Lighting, and Artistic at Regional Highschool Theater Festival in 2001 as Teacher and Director. As an artist, Kak Adri has been and is still active in various theater productions and groups such as Bengkel Teater, which was coached by the famous WS Rendra in 2004-2005 and Teater Koma since 2005 until now under the leadership of Nano Riantiarno. Kak Adri has also contributed in the film world in 2012-2013 with renowned director Rudi Soedjarwo (Ada Apa Dengan Cinta, Mengejar Matahari, Garuda Di Dadaku) through Underdog Kickass, a “Revolutionary Acting School” where Kak Adri took on the role as Teacher and coached more than 100 potential youngsters.

Kak Adri has also worked together with various institutions, companies and communities to spread the love for Theater and Acting in Indonesia such as Binus, Greenpeace, HiLo, and others.