Parent’s Testimony

Saturday, December 19, 2015

At the Student Recital in October 2015, Elnino’s father shared with the audience about his experience in entering Elnino into JakArt School of Arts.

He said that Elnino’s development in playing music, in terms of ability and motivation, experienced significant progress after admission to JakArt School of Arts. He felt that JakArt School of Arts is supported by teachers who are experts in their field and have passion for furthering the development of the students.

Elnino is one JakArt School of Arts’ students who are gifted and very diligent in playing the piano. We hope Elnino will continue to grow in his playing and someday could be a pianist who is admired by many people. Thank you to all parents who have entrusted the music education of their children to us.

We hope to become better and better in the future :)